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Ingrid Vangelos

Ingrid Vangelos

Ingrid  Vangelos
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      Hello! I am a full-time realtor who will help you negotiate the best terms -at the best price.

      I will also point out improvements that will maximize resale in the future & provide pointers along the way on school districts, contractors, & everything you want to know!

      I have lived in 5 different counties in this great state and know the ins and outs of many communities.

      My daughter is a Senior in high school and my husband is in sustainable- returnable packaging-and helps Cal Poly stay up to date in the industry by giving demonstrations quarterly.

      I have more than 20 years in specialized education, teaching, training and running my own educational business. My fun passion is showing cow horses and training them to their top potential. I have owned ranch property for most of my life so I have first hand expertise when it comes to helping you with homes on property.

      My entire family resides in California. My father began his life in the military as a pilot. He served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam as an officer. He was awarded the flying cross in Korea. Later he became a 747 captain. He retired as his own private pilot and investor until the age of 95. My best memory is flying his plane and landing on a dirt runway.

      He taught me the value of service, hard work and integrity and above all family comes first!

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